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Manufacturer of scented candles, room sprays & reed diffusers

Our fragrance products

Bougie & Senteur tailors your customized candles, room sprays and reed diffusers. We can advise you on the design of the product, provide you with the container and customize it, provide you with the scents you are looking for and also customize the packaging in order to deliver you a fully finished product.

A top note, a middle top,
Your note...

A wide range of fragrances

Given its geographic location, Bougie & Senteur is surrounded by the best perfumers in the world. This allows our sales team to advise you in the choice of the fragrance best suited to your needs.

Home fragrances

We offer a wide range of scents for your fragrance products to meet your olfactory signature.

  • For a fresh, luminous, discrete universe, you can choose an aromatic note such as White Tea or Green Tea, a hesperidia fragrance like Citrus or Embrun …
  • For a country, nature or springtime universe, you will be seduced by the floral notes like Rose of May, Flower of fig, Orange blossom, Jasmin of Grasse, or the fruity notes of Cranberries or candied fruits…
  • For a universe of authenticity, depth or charisma, you will appreciate the woody notes like Cedar, Oud, Patchouli, the powdered notes like Softness of cotton, the gourmet notes like Chocolate or Vanilla or a scent leather like Firewood, and last but not least an Amber or Myrrh …

We are also listening to your creative briefs to give life to your sensory image by creating the fragrance coming from your imagination.